December 10, 2008

empty beds and bad behaviour

it's all fine & dandy that mister mark the cobrasnake gets to travel the globe even in the dead of winter, letting him seek out places like hawaii and new zealand for week-long getaways. but there is only so much a homebound canadian chick can take !! all of these perfectly tanned beauties, with their sleek blonde locks and supersuperbig shades shielding their faces from vicious uv rays are making me sick with jealousy.
i just wish i were perma-bronzed and blonde.


in other news, someone buy me this pronto.
chloe + missbehave = pure gold.
well, anything + missbehave is terrific, so one can only imagine this to be mindblowing.



w0witsalana said...

i love how blonde all those girls are.
and i'm sooo buying that new missbehave.

Anonymous said...

ohhh i am in love with the cobrasnake. he is AMAZING!!!

Rebelle Zine said...

we linked yew guys.
don't know why it took so long...we love ya.

Anonymous said...

hey zoe,
IKNOW!! its been forever dont ya think? Ive been obsessing over finals and term garments-as of sun-thru-wed afternoon i was only up to 17hrs of sleep..%< but after tom im off five days then ive only got one day nxt thurs-then FREEDOM!! woohooo-

to both of you-have ya seen P.S. i love you? i know it came out almost two yrs ago but i love catching onto to things late-it makes them seem new again-i fell in love with that movie and im not one for the sappy love stories..which it was not..zoe iwil write to you soon-kristin keep up the orgasmic blog!!

kisses from kelsey

a. said...

those girls look nasty. ick.

but the magazine - i usually dont like missbehave but im sure this one will be fab. its got to. chloe and lykke? im excited.