December 9, 2008

a voice that is dark like tinted glass

on my mind lately.

" america’s like a brand, and we used to be the louis vuitton of countries. and then we had a really shit head designer for a while, but now we’ve got a really dope young head guy that can hopefully turn this brand around. "
- kanye west and his take on politics
[found on chasing lou]

these boots from aldo have been making me swoon for a while now. as they've suddenly dropped some fourty dollars in cost, i've been praying for them not to sell out before i can get my hands on them. they're like the tough-luxe look (hello, studs? and black leather) meets casual-chic (slouchy, comfy, but still very attractive). and practical, to boot (pun intended).

nicole richie's recent winter style is really cute.
and i will forever love her hair.

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so much snow today.
like you have no idea.
unless you live in canada ... or the arctic.



dianasof said...

Aldo just had a wicked sale! Free shipping, PLUS 10% off! And that was on top of the ridiculous sale discount on some shoes!

I took full advantage and ordered a pair of oxford heels.

Severn said...

it rained again in vancouver today :(

(i'm still wears flats SANS socks, fyi!)

Anonymous said...

haha...kanye west's quotes is sooo true. i'm surprised he's so bold to say something to the public like that though...

amanda said...

..or in sweden. it's white wherever you look.

and i lovelove the boots. amazing.


deep_in_vogue said...

how fun you got a lot of snow! And Kanye West.. he'd use any opportunity to make a LV allegory. But it doesn't make him any less right.

Lisa said...

i need winter inspiration!

back in canada!!!!!!!
super cold.

i just want to be perma-bundled!


Isabel said...

Haha, Kanye West's take on politics is...interesting. I mean, I pretty much agree with him but the whole 'fashion' analogy doesn't make heem seem very intelligent.

Ummmm. Those Aldo boots rule. I posted a little while back about these Aldo Marc Jacons knockoffs that I am DYING for.