December 8, 2008

i wanna be you i wanna be you i wanna be youyouyouyou

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photos: the cobrasnake

rooibos + ftv + cobrasnake + yogen fruz ... all day.
ms morton makes me wanna wear tiedye tights.
funny how she incites mimetic styles around the world, when she's only a model being photographed by mark hunter.
hmm .


Fashion Fille said...

those tights are fantabulous

a. said...

i love that first photo!


hrose said...

ditto. that first photo is completely and utterly amazing.. as soon as i saw it i saved it straight to my computer.


w0witsalana said...

i love her nails and bracelets

roxanne said...

damn my lack of free time or i'd attempt diy'ing a pair of tights like that immediately.

Isabel said...

Who is that? I'm in love with those tights.

johanna said...

oh those tights are cool!
and about those hyped "it-girls" yeah, exactly they really are famous for doing nothing, and or some clothing lines, runway show etc..that's what most of us are struggling for? right? ;)

Juliet said...

Lot's of legs. I like the multicoloured tights!

juliet xxx

Pandasoppa said...

ah those nails are inspiration!