October 18, 2008

wild thing, you make my heart sing

i (finally finally finally) got some floral fishnet tights.
i've been meaning to buy some for a while, but i could never find some that cost a legitimate price, considering crumbling bank account. in the end, i got them at the bargain price of five big ones.

these babies will probably be on heavy rotation when it comes to my upcoming autumn ensembles. other items i cannot get enough of for fall ...
  • berets.
  • leggings have yet to get old. generic black are ever-present and i've been meaning to purchase some matte, zipper and thick heather grey varieties.
  • those drapey scarf-meets-cardigan things ? soft and luxurious, in creme, namely.
  • i need more oversized tees. no, scratch that, i need more good quality oversized tees. preferably white and barely sheer.
  • semi-highwaisted skinnies. i'm on the lookout for the perfect pair.
  • the circular scarf from aa in fuchsia is a top priority ! check all the ways you can wear it here.
  • pretty bow flats à la ferragamo.
  • i'd kill for opi nail polish in suzy says da.
  • and most importantly, new winter boots and a new winter coat. i'm in dire need of both, i swear ! and thing is, living in the glacial cold (read: canada) for five months on end prevents me from making choices that are completely fashion-oriented - i'd prefer not to lose my toes to frostbite. i may try my hand at the grunge-chic parka, but i know that i'll be really picky when it comes to selection. as for boots, uggs would keep my toesies warm and snuggly, but really, how old are those ? but again, i'm looking for practicality. this whole outerwear & footwear business could take up an entire post in itself, so i'll drop it now before i start rambling.

    music i'm listening to:
    chariot by page france; i'm in the band by the hellacopters; the town that you live in by sherwood; right me up by state radio; your rocky spine by great lake swimmers; the nosebleed section by the hilltop hoods.

happy saturday everybody



LML said...

wow! those lace tights are awesome!

hannah said...

i love the tights. and im really feeling your list, i think we have the same taste in clothing.

Anonymous said...

high wasited jean recommendation: cheap monday. i have these beautiful pair of cheap monday skyscapers and not once has the colour faded. and they're still pretty damn tight. although it's not necessaily a good look if you're under 5 feet tall.

Lee Jones said...

the lace tights are gorgeous : )

esme and the lane way said...

Cool lace tights! I like writing wish lists, too. :)

muchlove said...

oh wow, I adore those floral tights!
I can't get enough of tights and leggings :) I probably can't get much wear out of them now that it's spring (and almost summer) over here!


Juliet said...

You have a good list. I have now desperate feeling to get to go shopping, but I made a deal with my bf that this month I wouldn't spent more than 20 € ! I've alredy spent 15€ and am dying to get to shop!

juliet xxx

Alice Point said...

Cool tights! Yesterday I bought very similiar:)

hrose said...

wow. those tights are so cool! i've been searching for a similar pair too, and settled for some interesting fishnets but not with floral decoration.
these by far trump mine!

your post is like a list of what i want too! oversized tees, berets, ferragamo flats, winter boots... *sigh* a good pair of winter boots could be the ankle boots that everyone is loving at the moment, kind of like riding boots.

thanks for the comment, im glad you like the about me... :D i linked you, i hope you don't mind!

hrose said...

oh and your header is so cool!
vogue paris is the leader of the pack.