October 16, 2008

west coast coconut records young baby

six random things about me
my friend tells me i'm "the only gingerkid she likes"
i was born in 1993
i always try to make a race out of everything
i can spend insanely copious amounts of time on a computer
my memory's abililty to recall seemingly insignificant things is ridiculously sharp
i love all animals, especially dogs, elephants, and penguins

six random things i like
tea, lots and lots of tea
making lists
dancing like a fool to non-dance music
humphrey bogart
cool autumn days spent in the city parks & dark night drives

six random things i don't like
being cold, which i coincidentally always happen to be
rude people
chipped nail polish
breathing people in, which is why when i'm really close to strangers i take really shallow breaths and face downwards

after being tagged by the spectacular olivia (thanks lovie !) , i am supposed to tag six other people.
but gosh, i am terrible at tagging.
so uh, well, abby &stevie & everyone else who feels like it.


ps; ohmygodohmygodohmygod my camera works again !!


seralouise said...

i love ur blog . and ur likes and dislikes r very simular to mine.
its horrible always being cold. nice blog x

Anonymous said...

"ginger kid" - teeheehee

three of my closest friends are redheads

I would drink tea all day everyday for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy

Sharlo said...

uhh i love reading these kinds if things
haha its like my guilty pleasure.
i love ginger kids :D
uhh and making lists!! so much fun :D
haha and zat duck is adorable

Fleurr De Lux said...

being cold sucks. so living in canada is probably not the best idea for us. . . haha!
thanks for your lovely comments, and we both just got lookbook!!
you can look us up
Lana Belton
Meghan Tooley

w0witsalana said...

i'm seventeen :) grade twelve, last year of high school aka death, thank GOD.
having a penpal would be really sick though. especially if they lived in europe and wrote in broken english, preferably someone danish or something. i have found a hobby though! - art gallery receptionist job i just acquired today. awww yeee.
haha excuse my weird slang, i hang out with people who like to make up words, it's basically my word for forget, or screw. screw homework=bun homework. :)

also, reading your likes and dislikes:
i agree, tea is GOD, and i can spent 5 hours on a computer and not even know it. it can get that bad.

Lisa said...


fellow canadian!!!!!!


thank you so much.
i truly can't express how much it means to me.

hmmmmm are you sure you are looking at the right pictures there?

i love your blog.
its so refreshing.

have a beautiful weekend.

Imelda said...

Nice to know more about you and the pictures are beautifull!

Severn said...

(yes i am just kind of going through all your guys' lovely posts)

but we're the same age!