October 21, 2008

come doused in mud soaked in bleach

a gallimaufry, if you will.

it's a compilation of new (read: from july to now) stuff. marc jacobs daisy solid perfume ring.

my diy rodarte tights, done mainly during économie class.

+ red with white stripes toque, highwaisted flare and skinny jeans, baroque pattern tights, the tackiest tshirt ever (it has 'born2reign' emblazoned across the chest, surrounded by eagles and dump trucks), blue triblend american american romper, black blazer, american apparel pink halter bodysuit, lace tights, red beret, and a fauxfur jacket.


hrose said...

that is a cool ring, and even cooler tights.
i have a DIY rodarte pair just like it. XD
and i love the sound of those high-waisted skinnies and beret...
thanks for the comment again, i would kill for a library like that, spiral stairs and all... :D

She comes from a nowhere town she likes said...

Perfume and jewllry(i confess -i cannot spell), how could that not be a good combonation? Also, I've always loved that line from come as you are, gives me that kind of nostalgia happy sad feeling, makes you feel real.

lovelydisco said...

Jessica what's the best way to get your tights like that? The few times I've tried it hasn't worked properly... (thank goodness for €3 tights from Primark!).

Unwise Pedestrian said...

Those tights are awesome! I'll definitely have to try some myself...

Rebelle Zine said...

ripped tights are cool
rodarte rocks
rebelle zine