October 27, 2008

she'll be saying use me show me the jacuzzi

between a rock and a hard place
i-d november 2008
alisdair mclellan
lara stone & the late randy johnston

at first skim, i didn't like this shoot. i found it a bit too pervy, a bit too terry richardson (in a bad way), and a bit too raunchy.

at first sight, i hadn't liked lara stone. her wispy and almost transparent eyebrows irked me, and i wasn't crazy about her gap teeth.

well, scrap what they say about first impressions, because as it turns out, i came to adore this shoot.
lara's commanding features contrast perfectly with the young boy aura that randy exudes, and the overt sexual gestures that i would generally abhor somehow seem to enhance the carefree and sexually charged air of the shoot. her perpetually mussed hair and varsity sweats are so teenage, while his second skin tees and glossy bowlcut are quintessential seventies child. the combination simply works, and what is created is pure perfection garnered by raw talent and genius.
some things are indeed worth a second chance.


Petra said...

Love what she is wearing in all the images! Slightly pervy, as you say, yet when that litle fact is overlooked it is a gorgeous shoot!

hrose said...

AH! this is one of my favourite shoots of all time!
it just sums up young love; the beauty, the ethereal quality of being young, beautiful and in love... or at least lust haha.
there was a similar shoot with zippora seven in rushh, which i think i will do a post on soon. i just like the quality that both of these shoots have of capturing a moment of youth so clearly...
the lighting, the styling, the hair all bright, light, happy, carefree, innocent even... contrasted with the overtly sexual poses.

lara stone is gorgeous, and i thought the nude shot was so tastefully done. i think she looks like a goddess in that image. *sigh* what a body, right?

i just love it! well done i-D.

Juliet said...

the editorial looks like a dream.

juliet xxx

Annie said...

hrose - SAME! I love it. As soon as I got it I became obsesed with Lara, and it made me love i-D (if its possible) EVEN more. I also posted it, and I see quite a few people have...

claire said...

i laaaarve it!

y-s x

Jessica said...

I like this girl...i see her a lot (in pictures) but dont know her name.
She's pretty :)

Lee Jones said...

it's so sad about randy
he was so gorgeous

g said...

i love her - so my favorite at the moment
love your blog too!

check mine...


ottawastreetstyle said...

it's pretty hot

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