October 28, 2008

thick smoke dark room

i am praying for a snow day tomorrow just so that i can take the time to watch the snowflakes fall and savour in all the goodness of the year's first snowfall.
that and, you know, school's a drag.



hrose said...

you know i've never seen snow before?
very sad...
we have a heat day equivalent in australia, although it's only ever been done once, and i was 6 so i don't remember. they just make us go, even if it is super super super hot. we just sit there melting until school is over.
i wouuld love to see snow! these photos are so beautiful.
fingers crossed for you!

Lee Jones said...

i hope i get the day off too! haha

Lisa said...

after living here for 4 hours.

i lust for the glee of the first snow fall...

it is the most glorious thing.

but I head home during dec/jan. which is just plain, stinkin cold!

have a beautiful day girl.


Fleurr De Lux said...

wow what? you might be getting snow today??? as if you're getting it before winnipeg!! wild. times they are a changin'....


roxanne said...

snow days are unheard of at my school.. count your blessings.

CapuccinoB. said...

i also want snow mainly for that last reason :) haha


CapuccinoB. said...

hahah, here it rained and i couldn't miss my FUNNY maths lesson.
yahoo! xD



oi, such pretty pictures of snow.

and in response to your question... my friend was extremely vague and said she got it in New York. ahaha and she claims its light mint green color, but I think it looks cream too!

discothequechic said...

ahh loving sick so much at the moment.

buuut, the fact this post is making me want to curl up under the duvet and have an unproductive day is bad!

very bad!
yet, so right..


lovelydisco said...

It was snowing in Ireland yesterday. Didn't stick though. Pity.

Anonymous said...

wow! did you take these pictures yourself?
they are gorgeous. i love snow! =)

WendyB said...

Pretty pictures!