September 19, 2008

distance is a thief.

here it is, as promised ...

loblaws purchases.
to my dismay, i wasn't really drowning in fashion finds as soon as i entered, but i did manage to find a few things that i liked that didn't break my budget. mustard pocket cardigan ($29) & black fleece jacket ($29).
the mustard cardi also came in a navy and eggplant combination, but i came to the conclusion that i already own enough sombre colours, and it was time to brighten things up.
i suppose things will start looking up once the winter stock comes in, because the autumn selection is definitely lacking (or at least it was at that location).

recent finds + purchases not from loblaws.

my cousin gave me a big bag of clothes (make that two, actually) a few weeks ago, filled with gems that she could no longer make use for (thanks jas !). one person's trash is another's treasure, right ? also, i went thrifting before school started, and although less fruitful than i had intended, i did come back with one thing.
men's black crewneck sweater (thrifted, $4) and purple cotton cropped bustier (gift from jas).



sarah said...

i love your black fleece jacket, it looks very cute. hope to see you soon, xxx.

discothequechic said...

i love hand me downs!
i just got a huge bag myself, and i love that often they're not things you'd buy yourself but you can have fun making them fit your look..

yui said...

is that a pink corset? how cute is that, show off some belly!

disa said...

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