September 18, 2008

maybe credit cards are romance.

when my hair gets as long as sienna's was in alfie, i am so getting bangs and a warm blonde colour. i mean, there's no way you can wrong with honey locks.

in other news, how cool is this cheap monday skirt (sold at urban outfitters) ?

i'm going to the loblaws superstore tomorrow: the only store which sells joe fresh style (good clothes, even better prices). in my mind, joe's is the equivalent of sjp's bitten in the states, except for we have more taxes. actually, just more expensive in general.

hopefully i'll get my hands on some good fall basics such as:
marine stripes; high-waisted skirts, trousers or denim; structured jackets, capelets or blazers; loose-fitting knitwear; chunky sweaters; superlong long-sleeved tees; rocker booties; thick scarves; hoisiery; and anything else that seems worth my while.

i'll update upon my return with purchases & finds.



roxanne said...

i feel like i've combed the entire world for appropriate marine stripes with no results.. good luck on your search!

Z. said...

I find some of the Joe stuff is off in sizing, but the superstore near my house is very limited in terms of selection anyways. I love Sienna's hair in Alfie, especially the bangs.

K.Line said...

I LOVE that skirt. Fantastic.

joy said...

ahhhh her hair in Alfie is my favourite Sienna hair....possibly my favourite hair of all time, period.

alex hannah said...

i love sienna's hair in alfie.
i watched it last week and it makes
me want blonde.

alex hannah said...

hair. lol.

Olsens Anonymous said...

I always loved sienna's hair in that movie :)

Olsens Anonymous said...

btw... my favorite olsen is Ashley, lol.

Vain and Vapid said...

I love Sienna's hair in Alfie, a bit Brigitte Bardot-ish and that CM skirt is lovely.