September 21, 2008

bleached and blinded.

pictures of vanessa hudgens toting this miu miu satchel are by no means recent, as i've been storing them for quite some time, but they just recently came to my attention once again. i love this bag ! vannessa hudgens, not so much, but i mean it happens often that a single piece can be lust-worthy while the person's attire in general is forgettable.

anyways, secret admirers, stalkers, or just people in general who owe me big time, take note that i would really really love you if you got me the miu miu bow bag, available through saks at a mere $1,195.
thanks !


Amelia said...

That is a nice bag. I bet you could find something like it for a lot less, though.

yiqin; said...

I wonder how much she earns..she has SO MANY designer bags! I thoguht all she did was high school musical?!

Daphné said...

I adore that Miu Miu bag too!