August 19, 2008

testing one two three.

the ongoing debate of whether or not i want to go edgier for fall when it comes to my fringe is still, well, ongoing. thing is, i can't help but shake daisy lowe's sleek model-like look everytime i lean towards the simple side-swept bangs, which then brings me back to the very start.

try telling me that she isn't the hottest thing on the face of the earth.
i dare you.

songs i like right now: saturday by elecrelane; thunder in my heart again by meck; need your needs by georgie james; elisa by serge gainsbourg; california by rufus wainwright; tired & uninspired by my american heart; and jesus christ by brand new.



Rock "n" Love said...

this is such a nice blog love it

take care

emily said...

i think you should go for it!

Emily said...

daisy lowe is gorgeous. i'm a long time admirer of her hair too!


a. said...

i love daisy.


Imelda said...

She looks great!

claire said...

have you heard daisy lowe speak? her voice is so dreamy & croaky haha.

i love your blog too!

young-shields x

alex hannah said...

such a lovely blog.

i had bangs for ages they're great but if you dont have straight hair they can get a bit frustrating.

Alex said...

you can't get much more badass than being the doc martens girl. really.

and i would go for the bangs. i had straight bangs (with curly hair) and they only take like five minutes to straighten if you need to. totally worth it.