August 22, 2008

we use magic.

if i could be dining anywhere in the world, my choice would indubitably be ithaa, in the maldives, the world's first underwater restaurant. chomp down on exquisite seafood while the picturesque backdrop of the indian ocean takes your breath away.

at first glance (on google, that is), i just couldn't get over it, & figured the restaurant was phenomenal enough to be blogged about, albeit its lack of fashion-related content.

however, it is fairly easy to picture one of london's it girls on a date with an up-and-coming rocker, both savouring tropical fish, her donning a sombre slip, chunky, theatrical jewellery and studded gucci booties, and him last night's paper-like button-down and formal drainpipes.

in a word, haute meets hipster.



claire said...

in the words of kylie minogue...wowowowow ------this is possibly the coolest thing i have ever seen.

i want to go. ohh and thanks for the comment laaadies. i like your blog too. care to swap links?

young-shields x

K.Line said...

Wow, this is AWESOME. I'd love to dine in this place...

Hila said...

this is wonderful!

a. said...

this looks amazing.

& i loved your little idealistic view of the hautehipsters.