August 17, 2008

it could begin and end in one evening.

shia labeouf:
hippie child; disney kid; bad boy; silver-screen superstar

& totally gorgeous.


a. said...

im sorry but i dont think he is in the least bit attractive.



biz said...

thanks for your comment.

we are also two girl bff bloggers!!!

Yes, we live in Toronto, although 1/2 of the biz is currently MIA in Europe.

Your blog is adorable - it's been bookmarked


we could grow up together said...

i used to drool over him, but now hes seems a bit f-up

Fashionistadiary said...

see im not sure about him! sometimes he looks hot and grown up and in other photos he looks like a complete idiot!!! xo

a. said...

haha, ok whatever you say.

& click on the collage love, it'll pop up bigger in a new window ;]


Juliet said...

who is he anyway?

juliet xxx

fritha louise said...

Oh my god, I am totally in love with Shia LaBeouf, I think he's totally gorgeous!
So glad that there's someone else who shares my appreciation of him, all my friends think I'm crazy!