August 16, 2008

always where i need to be.

lust worthy cellie: the lg rumour.

i have a penchant for white phones, and this one, well ... needless to say that it's all i need & more.



Hila said...

I'm still trying to figure out the one I have!
Thanks for visiting my little blog :)

konst said...

i want it!

A Girl said...

Hey that's my phone! ;) I bought it just before apple announced that we would get the iphone in Canada, so I was pissed...Anyway, it's a good phone and now that we've seen the plans Rogers offer, I know I wouldn't have bought it anyway!

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maybe we could link? :)

Margherita. said...

It's so pretty. I'm always jealous when I see people with it. I have a particuarly ugly phone.

a. said...

i have a thing for white mobiles as well - mine is white.

tres chic.