November 4, 2008

no time to think

it was quickly compiled, but here it is: one hundred things i like.

long weekends, veils, opi nail lacquer, long hair, boys who make me smile, sleeping in tents, childhood, big cities, weeds, popcorn, imaginary online shopping at excessively expensive boutiques, dancing all night long, balmain, heart-shaped lips, tanlines, speaking multiple languages, tilly and the wall, anything oversized & sheer, europe, sleeping in, coffee with too much milk & sugar, karl lagerfeld, my competitive spirit, reading good books, terry richardson, men's watches, facebook & myspace & lookbook & any other networking sites, autumn, milk, long showers, the olsens, the cobrasnake, freshly baked cookies, cat masks, highwaisted denim + crop tops, the holiday season, finding cool people who share my name, jane birkin, erin wasson, trampolines, rodarte, faux-fur, birthdays, libraries, skinny dipping, white lilacs, canada, thai food, gossip rags, ali stephens, ornate jewellery, lil wayne, exposed brick walls,, the olympics, jalouse magazine, dressing up in costumes, christmas trees, small towns, isabelle mcnally, recurring dreams, paisley print, hardwood floors, models with insanely big eyes and lithe limbs, gaspard ulliel's face, writing, big beds with plush comforters that you get lost in, listening to the radio late at night, feathers, spiral stairwells, hippies, big bows, big windows, the 1990s, the richards' sisters, ballerinas, picnics, masquerades, stella mccartney, degrassi: tng, preen, market stalls, lace-up booties, motif tights, big blonde hair buns, polaroid pictures, travelling, boy meets world, janet fitch books, jumping fences, canadian artist corno, sunset blvd, berets, swings, defined cheekbones, anis mojgani, hospital or crime related television shows, that new car smell.



parisianfille65 said...

this is an adorable list! i also love trampolines haha. Your blog is so cute.

check out my blog- le ballon rouge

Lee Jones said...

awesome post, this makes me want to try that out too.

Sonya said...

oh! a delicious composition.

teenfashionista said...


I think I second 99 of your 100 (I don't like sugar in my coffee).

Lisa said...

what a heart warming post.


i think this is something i should do too.

i think school + life is all consuming at times that we forget to stop. think. and remember the little things we love.
the things that make us who we are.

thanks for sharing beautiful.