November 4, 2008

old habits die hard when you got a sentimental heart

songs i'm listening to right now.

you wreck me by tom petty
hole in the head by sugababes
i thought i saw your face today by she & him
skinny love by bon iver
sway by the kooks
sentimental heart by she & him
i was made for you by she & him
one evening by feist
drinking in la by bran van 3000


ps - i am working on a list of one hundred things i like. it's tough, oddly enough, but when compiled it should be sheer perfection. expect a post on it soon.


hrose said...

love she & him, zooey is such an amazing singer, and so cute. she has such a jazzy voice, doesn't she ?

can't wait to read your 100 things you like list, it sounds lovely! sort of inspiring to make my own, or at least think about things that i like that fall outside the 'reading' 'shopping' 'eating' box.

F. said...

Ah I love She&Him, I saw them over the summer&they were AMAZING&i love Zooey Deschanel
&I'm interested in seeing the 100 things list!

Amelia said...

I love that picture!

Darling said...

Drinking In LA was my lead for a couple of years :)

Z. said...

aw i love "hole in the head"!