November 4, 2008

im naked im numb im stupid im stayin

the oc's kaitlyn cooper. willa holland. hipster extraordinaire ?
the 17 year old girl about town has many alter-egos.
lately she's been the apple of the skullset photographer's eye, jack siegel, and with her smouldering feline eyes, oversized shirts, and perpetually mussed up hair, she certainly fits the bill. and frankly, it sort of bothers me.
how is it that she randomly becomes a hipsternet hero seemingly overnight ? she simply switched lanes, from hollywood cutie to cobraclone, in a matter of minutes. but then again, we're talking celebrity minutes here, which are significantly shorter than the minutes of we civilians. then take those already lightening fast celeb minutes and add them to internet minutes ? you've got speed comparable to flash gordon.
perhaps her transformation has been gradual, slowly evolving as she escaped from the claws of the cataclysm that is teenage television. perhaps we had not noticed the burgeoning it girl beneath the opaque veneer of marrissa's little sister.
the fact that she is now 'so fashion' is a tad irksome. but that could be just the green monster of envy talking.
either way, she's here now, and there's little i can do but admire her lifestyle: both real and cyber.
watch out tallulah & cory, it looks there's a new girl in town. or, rather, on the internet.



a. said...

eh, shes alright. there are many other internet filles i like better.

he always takes pretty pictures though. i like the one of her smoking a cig in the car the best.

oh that alluring cigarette again - sigh


Amelia said...

I totally thought this post was going to be about Cory Kennedy from the first picture. They all look the same to me. I rather like Willa Holland, though, stemming back from her OC days.

Severn said...

i agree with basically everything mentioned here. but that is certainly not to say jack should stop photographing her, she is proving to be an excellent muse to him and to be honest his photos of her are rather inspired and gorgeous.

but yeah. most likely envy for me.

lovelydisco said...

She's in Gossip Girl now I think

Mila said...

I love that third picture!
Thanks for sharing, dear!


Lee Jones said...

the truth is that the O.C ended 2 years ago, when i think back 2 years ago i've definitly grown into a new style.

Kira Fashion said...

wow! amazing large pics!

a kiss!!!

Fleurr De Lux said...

I really like these photos of her, but she bores me a bit. I love the big photos by the way, I really need to learn how to do that...

discothequechic said...

here, here!

you know how i feel about this one jessica, as much as i get irritated about her personal paparrazi, she still looks kind of cute.


Fleurr De Lux said...

obv. she's gorgeous, but that stupid photo of the ziplock filled with cash makes me want to barf.
i think we're all sick of hipsters, but as much as i want to, i can't really hate her... damn those pretty people!! haha!

Fleurr De Lux said...

PS. Seeing her on Gossip Girl REEEALLLLY makes me want to barf.

Rebelle Zine said...

eww she's so lame
i hate her character on gossip girl
thats her dream to be that
its an act

Susanna-Cole said...

Wow I used to love Willa back in the day, but funny, I'd forgetton all about her existance for some time, until now! I've never really liked "It" girls like Cory or Tallulah, but the last three pictures here of Willa are pretty lovely! :)


P.S. Like your writing style! :)

Daphné said...

She was on Gossip Girl last week!I really like her, she's cute and stylish and I loved her as Kaitlin Cooper in the OC!

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