November 5, 2008

if you give it a minute it's wrong

this is what i decided to throw on upon arriving home today. forgive me for blurry pictures and an awfully messy room (the first is my camera's fault ... the second, well, i have no excuse). the dress is from h&m (isn't that purpleredpink floral pattern a dead giveaway ?) and the tights are very thick and very reliable. i thought it was a suitable outfit for drinking cranberry tea (mmm) from a cup with my baby picture on it ! apparently i had the cutest little sailor-style onesie ever.

oh & have you ever heard of a little canadian magazine called naked eye ? i hadn't, until a few days ago, though i really should have. upon revising previous issues, i saw that they had mentioned the lovely lykke li before indie-sensation-hungry fashionistas could sink their teeth into her magical talent. i also saw that they went to the lengths of featuring ben & jerry's latest ice cream flavour, artfully titled bohemian raspberry (a queen reference, no less) for the sake of giving readers what they want ... and god knows they all want frozen treats. there's a little something for everybody: the kooks (yay) and finger eleven (gag).
i'm at a time right now where i have decisions riding me like there's no tomorrow, choices to be made about my future and so on. and while i questioned my real-life desire to write and create for a living, i had somewhat lost hope in the possibility of success in a community where it's exponentially hard to make your mark.
however, naked eye (fortunately) proved me wrong. it is, hands down, one of the most terrifically written and visually pleasing magazines i have ever read. take that, nylon ! it's not that i expect naked eye to join the ranks of paris vogue or dazed & confused as the iconic magazine of our time, but it's got a lot of the other 'pop-culture-meets-fashion-meets-hipster-meets-raaaaaad' magazines beat. again, nylon included. i'm telling you, you don't need cory & peaches to harbour a hit ... all you need are some witty writers and passion. period.

check out the five issues for yourself here.
they're gold.



Amelia said...

Great dress. I like the first picture--the bluriness gives it charm.

Isabel said...

I think you'd make and excellent writer. And you are certainly wearing an excellent dress.

Emily Rose~Loves Cheerios said...

wowow love the dress-from the picture the print kind of reminds me of those melt together bead things that you iron over and they hold together, random? Yes!
Love it <3

R. M said...

hello thank you so much!!

cute blog you have! :)


Lee Jones said...

i checked out the magazine, it has quite boring covers but the inside looks pretty sweet!
you should check out u mag , it's an amazing free online magazine that looks really similar to the old nylon and sassy magazine. you download the magazine from the blogspot page and it actually looks so pro.

Fleurr De Lux said...

I checked the site out, and I realllly dig it. I can appreciate a good Canadian mag. I like it 'cause it's not fussy and seems genuine. Like the people writing for it aren't trying to be really cool and hip or whatever.
I also think you'd be an excellent writer. hell you ARE an excellent writer.
you should consider interning for them... ?
anyways, I like it
p.s. since I saw PARIS on the cover of Nylon I've questioned my subscription...

alex hannah said...

oh the print on dress looks really
cool in the first photo. i've only been to h&m a few times. i wonder if
they will ever come to sydney..

CapuccinoB. said...

im going to have a look at it



mmm I want me some Naked Eye.

Nylon's gotten bland.

Anonymous said...

i thought i was the only person who reads naked eye!! i'm an expat so i have had my cousin bring copies from toronto since i saw kids in the hall on the cover. but i just realized it is only a quarterly. :(

hrose said...

love the dress! the pattern is very cute.
i love the sound of this magazine too, maybe you should write for it? i loved this post, it sort of sums up what i'm doing at the moment too. I want to write for vogue, but then i read some of the features and they're literally about starlets or the latest it girl flitting around town. what would i write 'lady X has become famous for doing not very much at all, really.'

blah. anyway, i'm going to check out this mag. and nice jab at nylon! i think it needs a slight reality check. that column with peaches was ghastly, and its not because she's an it girl, or parties for a living, or is annoying. it was actually written so badly. if it had been anyone else they too would have been slammed. i couldn't believe peaches wrote about buying the family heirlooms of this starving mexican peasant for $5...? who does she think she is, and why does she think this is a good anecdote?????

anyway, end rant. i hope the cranberry tea was yummy, it sounds lovely. hope you had/have a good day.

Severn said...

i detest nylon.

anyways, a great canadian mag if you're looking for excellent writing, art and passionate contributors, check out The Walrus. it's one of my absolute favorite magazines. (but let it be known it is not fashion-related whatsoever)

Anouk the Lionmane said...

wow. i love this dress. it is looking so lovely on you.



F. said...

I like the dress but HOW DID YOU FIND ONE?the H&M near me has ZERO...
&i agree w/ a comment above,NYLON needs to be taken down a bit seeming as their cover standards have lowered(paris hilton for president?that's not even something to joke about...)
Oh&thank GOD you don't like finger eleven...if I hear one more preson sing that song of theirs that's overplayed on the radio I will toss one up...
But I looked on the site&i do like the content


fritha louise said...

lovely dress.
i've tagged you and jessica for a "six things i like" thingy on my blog.

Tara said...

how i relate to that point in your life and the wanting to just create.
i really enjoy your blog btw.