November 16, 2008

headlights look like diamonds

i'm getting a new mattress this week.
and as the new mattress is hauled up the stairs into the flame-hued cupboard i call my bedroom, a few older furniture pieces will be making their exit. thus will commence the total room overhaul-meets-makeover that i've been daydreaming about for (daysweeksmonths) years.
double mattress: check.
yet to be acquired but still dancing about in my mind: a plastic chandelier; a fresh coat of paint (still debating on which colour, any suggestions ?); a rod iron bed painted bright fuchsia; floating shelves; millions of throw pillows.
oh and is infinite closet space a possibility ?



w0witsalana said...

go with a deep purple for the wall colour! or a warm beige. that's my favourite colour combination.

Amelia said...

Lucky. I'd love a room makeover. Have fun with it.

hrose said...

mmmm your room make over sounds delightful!
i have an iron rod bed, but mine's painted white. boring old white. i never thought to paint it, but you've got me thinking. i would definitely like a purple.

the plastic chandelier and floating shelves sound lovely. throw pillows too. and a double mattress! wow! you've really got me jealous now.

can't wait to see pictures!!


Miriam said...

amazing photos <3


lovelydisco said...

You can't beat off-white walls. Also means you can mix and match everything else in your room!

yeslek perspective said...

love the remodelling my room too! over the turkey day or xmas/hannakah/kwanza/or nothingbutrelaxation break-not wanting to offend anyone hehe..I have had fushia-"strawberry crush/ lilac/pale green/sea foam blue/green-the last one was def my fav...idk im really diggin the purple royal/eggplant color-youd think it would enclose the room but with the right furniture and accent colors (ivory/stark white and parissiene prints) it works..thats what Im going for a parisian (not sure if i spelled it right 1stor 2nd time) boudoir...i have a glass chandelier and a caprici one that im dying to put up..will post picks on my blog later-oh and zoe i updated it! so check it out-the blogspot one i mean :) me whatcha think

Severn said...

who is this photog?!?!?!

and yeah man, i love room makeovers. i'm going to try to convince my friends to help me paint my room white.

blank walls + dark wood furniture + persian rug + books and prints stacked everywhere + incense = aweeesome.

Lee Jones said...

beautiful photos

josefine said...

beautiful pics! love them! xx

Sharlo said...

where are those pics from??!!
im breathless . wow.
did u girlies take zem? wu wuw wuw.
btw i tagged u guys!!
rules on my blog

angelica said...

this is soooo amazing. love the photos. kiss

Matilda said...

i like your blog!

littlemolly said...

Thank you for your comment!! I have added you to my links! YEY! Have a great weekend. xx