November 18, 2008

lights black heads bang you're my drug we live it

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it snowed today. and with snow, comes my favourite holiday of the year: christmas.
christmas is not simply a single day. no, it's far more than that. it's a season, and a state of mind. a time speckled with peppermint hot chocolate and ornately wrapped gifts. the faint hum of warm fireplaces and wet snowflakes floating in the air. nights where you're buzzed from three too many glasses of eggnog, with a sleepy smile plastered on your face. cold walks home, smoking our finger-and-breath pretend cigarettes.
it's my absolute favourite.
this is a list of things i would want for christmas. it is, after all, the season of giving !
and i'm not one to object to that.


Lisa said...

oh my. you have me so excited for christmas in canada...

snowflakes...starbucks...fireplaces...lights...the sound of crisp snow scrunching beneath my boots.

i am afriad that i do not like south african christmas's as its too weird to go to the beach & have a bbq on chirstmas day.

give me -20 + snowflakes and i am one blissful lady.

yay. for your list. we share some of the same things.

hope you're having a beautiful week.


Severn said...

haha, there isn't even frost on the ground in the morning yet in BC!

JuniJuli said...

I wish it would snowwww here italy...=)

Anonymous said...

this has just got me so excited... ive already started my list :)

- to avoid unwanted presents just send friends and family links via email and nothing can go wrong !!!


Anonymous said...

ooh i really like your christmas list:0..especially the face mostureizer because i am addicted to eco lux beauty products..face scrubs, clensers, serums you name it! goodluck! i hope you get what you want :)

Sister Libby said...

Making a christmas list is one of life's great joys...I would kill for a Starbucks right now...

Lisa said...


oh my.
i wish.

i only ordered a few things there:)

the others are my obsessions ;)

i.e. stella shoes + jumper;
PS1 ( although i am seriously considering it... i started a bag fund a few months ago ;) i add some money to it each week from mindless weekly expenses i am always making. )

SO i am really thinking about it... i would say PS1 + 2.55 are my dream bags. so i do not know which way to go... hmmm.

ah. why are they so expensive?

BUT SO delicious.
i agree with the bright hues for these.

P.S. can do NOTHING wrong.
i wish i had a friend here who would of gone ( if we celebrated halloween) as the P.S. dudes with me ;)

have the most beautiful day.


Fleurr De Lux said...

I totally agree! I love Christmas. I was at the supermarket the other day and they were ALREADY playing christmas music. Everybody else was annoyed but I was loving it.