November 15, 2008

f*ck gold im a platinum digger

lace, puppies, and socks.
off to bed now , its 205 am.



Secretista said...

Great photos!

w0witsalana said...

i LOVE the first and last photo.
tube socks are my life!

angelica said...

love this!! amazing. kiss

DaisyChain said...

I love your photos. The lace tights are great.

Marina said...

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Anonymous said...

those lace tights are great!

discothequechic said...

tell me you didn't make a ring from the daisy by marc jacobs lid!

..or is it just a very canny resemblance?

i'm loving these little sneaky peeks into your wardrobe, jess!

aaand why thank you for that lovely comment. whoot, i'm blushing..

have a great week!

hrose said...

your tights are just love!
so lovely.

little miss s. said...

lace tights! lace tights!
I'm still mourning over the loss of the black ones from the uo website, I'll get my hands on some one day...


elin said...

great outfit! and the photos! looks very cool :)