November 14, 2008

the bartender tends to pretend

a little bit of sienna for old time's sake.

sure, she's dirty.
her hair constantly appears to be knotted, greasy and poorly cut.
she sleeps around with men named balthazar.
she struts through town in tights. only tights.
and yet, she is an avant-gardiste, a fashion liberalist if you will.
and her lean legs are kickin' !!
so i hereby declare my love for sienna miller, a love that looks over trivial flaws like poor hygiene and terrible choice in boys.



Miriam said...

shes hot!!

tnkx for your comment, your sweet!

Mimmi said...

i have to say that i love her too.
what a coincidence, yesterday my dramateacher in school started talkning about her, i think it was something like that she was in magazines even when she was in my age, which tells us two things : she is kind of old
two:she has got such a good style that she is popular forever !

elin.e said...

most stylist person

discothequechic said...

ohh what happened to her.

i still can't make up my mind what i think about her, and i'm aware that my views are probably, as much as i hate to admit, affected by the mean press.

i would love to meet her purely to see if she really is the bitch that everyone makes out.

because the balthazar thing didn't help..

Brigadeiro said...

Regardless of everything that's been said about Sienna, I do admire her knack for throwing things on like they've been sitting in her wardrobe for years, and look so effortlessly cool as a cucumber...

Couture Carrie said...

She totally rocks! Loved this post :)


antonia said...

sienna is one of the most beautiful on the planet!!

sarah said...

yes, she is so great!

angelica said...

thaaaaaank you!! oh, sienna. love her! kiss :)

caitlin said...

ohh thanks for your comment, it made me feel all warm inside hehe
and youve made me fall in love with sienna all over again!

Fleurr De Lux said...

I LOVE SIENNA. Always have, always will. I don't care who makes fun of me for it.
She's fab. So fab, I forgive her for old Balthy.
x L