October 6, 2008

young girls love automatic

throw out the nude, ditch the red, and toss your gloss: the new hue du jour is dark dark dark.fall isn't usually a season for sunny makeup, and the aw08 models reinforced this by showing off their bold lips on the runways. it's daring, edgy, and very sexy: just the way i like it.
channel the goth girls of yesteryear and pencil in your lips with mac's nightmoth lip pencil (as recommended by abby, so we know it must be good) or coat your kisser in urban decay's new deliciously dangerous lipstick in apocalypse.
team your painted pout with nothing but sheer attitude, this look is strong enough to stand alone.


Fleurr De Lux said...

I looove this! I went out looking for the perfect shade today but I think I'm going to have to take a trip to the MAC counter.

a. said...

ive got to try out that lipstick now too...sounds divine.

ta for the mention!


Fashion Tidbits said...

the berry look is def IN this Fall! can't wait to try it!

meowmeow. said...

woah brows.