October 7, 2008

i dream of things that never were

in no particular order, some of my california memories.
i'm kind of still sorting through the shots, so these are just a mismash of idiosyncratic moments that made me smile. looking back, i was smitten by the noisy city filled to the rim by irreverent passerbys consuming copious amounts of starbucks. funny thing, isn't it ? as i sauntered through the labyrinthine streets, i couldn't help but admire things that were probably all too common to most locals. i suppose that's the true beauty of being a tourist.

what i loved the most about my trip was the vast array of neighborhoods i visited.
laguna beach was an artsy community where i witnessed many attention-craving middle-aged women window-shop for exquiste hand-made birthday cards or brightly painted pottery.
on the way to dodgers stadium, fiesta music flooded my ears in what seemed to be mexican neighborhoods that were real & gritty.
i was baffled by the wealth at newport beach, where families of all kinds filled beach houses worth millions, equipped with outlandish accessories that have no use in such a serene environement.
the grove was slow-paced and tranquil, as shoppers nonchallantly swayed designer handbags to the beat of street musicians playing acoustic hits.
the curlicued streets of downtown los angeles were most busy, and also the most likely location to witness fashion daredevils making prompt exits from tattoo parlors or wig shops.
fans of all sorts rejoiced in the thematic arrangement outside of kodak theatre, as mimes are replaced with movie stars and men in disguise sell maps to the stars.

i just can't stop thinking about it.
an don't think i'm even close to finishing the tale of my west coast adventure.



Juliet said...

I'd like to get to US. Just to travel and shop, For one trip I would need to see and feel NY. And for second I'd love to go around everything I missed the first time.

juliet xxx

She comes from a nowhere town she likes said...

I love that first shot, it just captures something that you often forget.

Denise said...

wow, ive never been to california, wanna go to LA so badly. these pictures are amazing. i love hotdogs! yummiiiee!

yes, that bed is from ikea, your so right haha.
how could you figure it out, there just a tiny pert of that bed. you're amazing!

sierra said...

and meeee i want haha

Denise said...

i use photoshop to make the pictures look like that. if you have ps or another similar program i can show you how to edit a photo.

bri said...

thank you! i went to the actual american apparel store in miami but they only had it in white :( i wanted it in gray lol.

lovelydisco said...

yay pictures! they're lovely. I'd love to visit the west coast some day.

lara said...

aawh wanna be there you should write ads for vacation-magazins ;)