October 7, 2008

que sera sera, whatever will be will be

how to look hot on the streets of new york.
lily and raquel obviously rock it, but it's in their blood. for the mere mortal, try falke tights, chunky knits, the omnipresent motorcycle jacket & a pop of colour such as fuchsia louboutins.
all that's missing are some fire escapes to climb up for the best view of the best city.



Amelia said...

I love the picture of the fire escapes.

a. said...


Sharlo said...

hey girlies :)
thank u for ze lovely comment:D
I adore uu bloggg. a mix of everything fashion make-up, models. lala. what more could u askkk for?

I still dont own a fucking leather jacket. this is ridiculous. the only nice ones i find are over 400.

shall we trade links?

Eric Loves Cats said...

thank you much for the comment. I like to entertain people with my insane life. (:

I'm pretty sure that my girlfriend has those pink heels in that picture...

w0witsalana said...

the perfect outfit.

discothequechic said...

ack, if only mere mortals could afford louboutins!
one day, one day..

the most perfect outfit and city combination!

so are we quoting kanye every comment? because I think I've already ruined the game because my mind has gone blank!