October 6, 2008

wicked little girls kiss the boys and make them cry

some of my favourite models were on hand for the tremendously breathtaking slew of creative pieces sent down the balmain runway by designer christophe decarnin. anja rubik, magdalena frackowiak, maryna linchuk, natasha poly, kim noorda, raquel zimmermann, lara stone and mariacarla boscono, amongst others, were the chosen statuesque glamazons for the showing of what is, in my opinion, one of the best shows of one of the best seasons.
the styling was perfect. for every tough-luxe boyish rocker clad in revamped marching band jackets and torn up drainpipes that was sent down the runway, there was a seamless party frock bedazzled with elegant diamonds and chic cuts that would be more than appropriate for an outing at les deux not far behind. anja stomped down the sleek white canvas-like runway in not one but two of my favourite looks - both black, both embellished and both scantily short - which also happened to be intriguingly different from one another. every outfit could just as easily been sported by lindsay lohan as they could have been seen adorning the heir to a throne.

some people claimed it to be tacky, but those people couldn't be more wrong. the beauty of balmain is that it's the border between tacky and terrific - it triumphs by staying chic even while so wild. for the club scene, the red carpet, the streets of new york or a (really really really wealthy school's) prom, balmain's got you covered.


Fashion Tidbits said...

my fave is the dress that Anja Rubik is wearing! it's to die for

Hannah Cheeto said...

I LOVE Balmain. It's almost tacky but not so it's absolutely amazing!