October 5, 2008

sometimes i think sometimes i don't

yay for matchstick !
i'm expecting a parcel full of harajuku lovers fragrance this week.
i'm so excited, especially since i was thinking of purchasing one of the perfumes (maybe baby ? or love? it's so hard to choose ...) before even taking the matchstick survey.
expect immediate feedback as soon as i get it !

in other news, i know my posts have been (extremely) delayed lately. sorry about that. i am here to make up for it though.

thanks to mary kate olsen (amongst others: lc wore a cute turquoise one a long time ago, didn't she ? that image is kind of stuck in my head) i've been craving a good gingham button-up lately. plaid is one thing, but gingham is another. also, i'm getting my hair cut next week and i've been contemplating various styles (see: bangs, sideswept, choppy layers, sleek or egdy) in the meantime.

music that makes me happy: gwb (fuck you very much) by lily allen; baby i need your lovin' by the four tops; wicked little girls by esthero; since the last time by arrested development; chasing pavement by adele; taper jean girl by kings of leon.

i recently realised that if ever it were to happen for someone to ask me what my favourite band is, i would be semi-speachless. and so, over the last week or so, i mulled over my response. and i came to the brilliant conclusion that the kings of leon are probably my favourite band. the fact that i like every one of their songs is indubitably reason enough for me to give them such a title, no ? and besides, half the bandmates (see: all brothers, the followills) are simple gorgeous (namely, caleb (his name alone makes me melt), who apparently had a fling with kimberly stewart and jared, whom i've loved forever).

and i leave you with jared.



deexdeexdreamer said...

Oooh, fashion and Kings of Leon at all at once! You spoil us...

Jourdan Dunn is looking gorgeous here, as well as on Vogue UK this month. That girl's fire!

I just love those cobrasnake snaps of Jared n Cory, so random! Not that i'm jealous or anything :D

discothequechic said...

hah, i'm left speechless everytime i'm asked what my favourite anything is.

but kings of leon would certainly be near the top of my list!

i was thinking, have you too ever considered doing a post about the two of you as individuals? i love the fact there are two of you writing for this blog, so it would be cool to know how you're different/the same.

or maybe you've already done a post like this, I just haven't seen it!

Nature Grafitti said...

i adore kings of leon!!
ahhhhh, they are pure love

what is matchstick?!

Fleurr De Lux said...

Lucky! They contacted us in the summer and guess what they offered for us to test. . . . TAMPONS!! Haha Needless to say, we'll hold out till they offer us some perfume!