October 14, 2008

oh well whatever nevermind

my flies are undone

lily donaldson ? my favourite model ? no, it can't be !
she's mainstream, flaxen-locked, with eyes like the carribean seas...
but last night's epiphany made me look at this from another perspective:
perhaps i've been treating her like doc marten boots.
let me explain.
when doc martens first appeared on the fashion scene, i relished their androgynous and commanding air, but i never really imagined them on my little feet.
they continued rearing their leather heads in all of their punk glory for quite some time, and only now, when it seems as though the hype has died down to a slow buzz, do i find myself lusting for them.
maybe my newfound love for lily is due to the lack of limelight shining down on her golden peachy skin, letting me view her in a shade that doesn't take away from her exquisite beauty.
or, on the other side of the looking glass, i might have always been secretly and profoundly enraptured by her, and only now is this admiration surfacing.
or, you know, maybe i just desperately want to be her ?
yeah that's probably it.


lovelydisco said...

I hate Docs but I love Lily. She's beautiful.

Fleurr De Lux said...

love docs, love lily. there's so much hype about ugly-pretty, but is it so wrong to be pretty-pretty?? i don't know about you, but i can still appreciate a babe lincoln!!

seralouise said...

lily is up for model of the year 2008 at the british fashion awards. see my blog http://sera-louise.blogspot.com

ottawastreetstyle said...

was i the only one who mistook daria for lily on the h&m campaign? they look so similar in it, it's weird....