October 14, 2008

i don't think we're in kansas anymore.

we have been tagged by the wonderful ladies over at tjejsajten to fill out this little survey, so here i go with my take on things. i'll let jessica give her version of the answers if she likes.

eleven little favourites.
1. clothes shop: when i'm feeling lucky, i'll hit up the salvation army for a) terrific prices and b) great one of a kind pieces. otherwise, i stick to typical mass-market stores: h&m, american apparel ... you know the drill. i do have quite a few pieces from loblaws, as well as the clearance rack at old navy or aritzia (when i've saved up enough cold hard cash).
2. furniture shop: i don't really shop for furniture, though i may have to start soon. i helped my mum pick out a few odd chairs at a consignment store a few weeks ago, and usually when i'm looking to redecorate i'll head to ikea.
3. sweet: nanaimo bars, hands down.
4. city: favourite city i've been to ? new york city, then toronto (i'm canadian, what can i say !) city i'd love to visit ? ibiza for the beach or paris for, well, everything else.
5. drink: milk.
6. music: as i mentioned last week, kings of leon are great.
7. tv show: weeds weeds weeds !
8. film: crash was pretty terrific, saved, things we lost in the fire ... and the nanny diaries made me smile.
9. workout: hockey keeps me busy, otherwise jogging.
10. pastries: monkey buns.
11. coffee: starbucks' gingerbread latte during the holiday season, otherwise a caramel macchiatto on ice or a chai latte ... i am such a starbucks whore.

and i promise a post with more substance in the near future.



a. said...

i tagged you even before they did! hehe


Fleurr De Lux said...

Yay! Too many tags for one blog! Ha ha I like your list.

meowmeow. said...

i really want that whatever shirt!! so cool...do you know where from