October 13, 2008

i can still see the borough, i can still see the bridge

my favourite thing about new york city.
manhattan is an orgy of motion, vivacious and fluid, satiated with concrete and urban artwork. like exuberant brushstrokes on a grid-pattern canvas, miniscule demeures are built one above the other, stories high, ready to topple at any given moment.
life in the city is hard-won, and the maneuvres leading to success are often risky and underestimated, but the final product, the marriage of metropolitan bliss and laid-back lifestyle, is bewitching.

new york has been pigeonholed as the city that never sleeps, but i can't help but disagree. sure, new york will go a few nights without any shut-eye, choosing instead to blast thunderous music nights on end, but when the city does choose to sit back & relax ... that's when the magic happens. that's when it finds time to dream.


ANNIE(: said...

how poetic (:

I have always, always, always, wanted to go to NYC. Maybe someday I'll get there.

Nice Blog.


Nature Grafitti said...

Lovely post :)
And i agree about New York... in a way, i always think of the city as a living, breathing person

p.s. You've been tagged!: http://naturegraffiti.blogspot.com/2008/10/thank-you-to-beautiful-wonderful-katlin.html

Anouk the Lionmane said...

thanks for your lovely comment. uhm, yes, i also love your blog. i have linked you on mine.


lovelydisco said...

It will be my home again in February!

Sasi said...

Hey, thanks for your comment!
Your blog is full of amazing photos..I'll be back soon!

roxanne said...

this post makes me miss home sooo much. i love your writing!

Sharlo said...

my so called home. but now I´m gone , off to poo switzerland.
ahhh. i miss it terribly.

shit I still didnt put u on my blog list thin zere, haha. ill do it, im so lazy and I should rly go to bed.
luv ur blog missy

Juliet said...

I wish I could get there.

juliet xxx

BlossomClothing said...

Blossom Clothing has moved!
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Enfievre said...

was just in nyc this weekend. i have a love/hate with it but this weekend it was all love. it was exactly like you said....

Becca said...

so agreed :)
i love your blog!
thanks for your comment