October 12, 2008

girl with crimson nails has jesus round the neck

skyscraper platform heels clomp across decrepit asphalt streets, kick through crumpled leaves, and strut confidently into the hippest club around. she meanders through the undulating bodies and takes a seat in a secluded booth, crossing her lithe sequined legs. picking up her head, she scans the room, looking past the camera whores and the hipsters; settling her viridescent eyes on the heavy black speakers spilling out techno beats and metallic voices. it was almost as though she could see, through the curling haze of cigarette smoke, straight into the music. into the vibrating guitar strings, into the raspy whispering lyrics, into the ivory keys of the piano. she shivered, the cobweb holes of her sweater exposing her pale skin to the air. music always made her feel this way, like she was the only one in the room, apart from everyone else. immune to the flashing lights and wasted girls. she figured it was better that way, as she stood up up and walked out, the night breeze sweeping her away.


roxanne said...

oh my. love these words.

discothequechic said...

for ignoring the hipster girls, she is my hero.

and she is wearing my sweater! so i can i pretend she's me?


so well written by the way, lovely.

a. said...

you are amazing.

simply amazing.

this has inspired me so much.

thank you.


Anonymous said...

i smell cheese

victoria :] said...

i love your header. and this was written very well

WendyB said...

I had shoes like that 10 years ago. I miss them!

lovelydisco said...

Oh I love when you write like this!x

emsie said...

wow, that is an amazing bit of writing. so incredibly inspiring. love love love.