September 8, 2008

the king of the jungle was asleep in the car.

current inspiration.
honestly, things around here are pretty slow-going right now. it's funny to say, but i'm really fond of the idea of fall creeping up on me and snatching the remainder of summer away. it seems school is twice as long with the heat, so a crisp autumn breeze would be much appreciated. in the meanttime, i've been spending days on end in school, while nights are filled to the brim with extra-curriculars, snoozes & reading new books. such a busy life !



discothequechic said...

i know, that back to school sept feeling is actually kind of nice.

except for the solid rain us brits have had

love the inspiration; i'm absorbing it all!

maja casablancas said...


molly said...

i know im inspired!

LML said...

cool pics!

miss fashion said...

i love those first set of pictures! and i totally agree, school seems so much better with some chills.

Siri Malene said...

oh i like! =) cool pics..