September 10, 2008

in my neighborhood it's all good.

olsen outfits have been just as inspiring lately. surprisingly, though, i've preferred mary kate to ashley in recent shots - not that i wouldn't completely envy ashley for her exquisite wardrobe, either way.

currently listening to:
hey boy by teddybears; b boy baby by mutya buena & amy winehouse; divine idylle by vanessa paradis; the littlest birds by the be good tanyas; let's dance by david bowie; boys boys boys by lady gaga; shut up and sleep with me by belle & sebastian.


Anonymous said...

her hair is in bits... I do like that black coat she's wearing though

Minou said...

I love the olsens!! and i love your page. do you two have a myspace? xo

Riot said...

The Olsen twins definitely have an original fashion sense; some might even say that they are risk takers. I applaud their style sense even though I might not like what they wear sometimes.