September 11, 2008

the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs.

nevermind the clothes - it was the cupcakes at betsey johnson ss08 that really caught my eye.
how delightful & scrumptious-looking are they ?

this is what i have been up to lately.
i bought four pairs of black tights at zellers the other day, because they're perfect for school & cosy for the upcoming season (all are black, some are cotton).
i've been reminiscing about my most recent vacation ...
and the i love la tee doesn't make it any easier to forget.

oh & since i'm here posting ...
let me express my love for sophia loren !

spaghetti can be eaten most succesfully if you inhale it like a vaccuum cleaner. - sophia loren .ah, such words of wisdom, not to mention such a substantial sultry gaze, needn't ever be forgotten.


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roxanne said...

omg those cupcakes look deliriously awesome. my roommate made cupacakes in ice cream cones the other day..? also deliriously awesome. i def need to stock up on black tights for the season.