September 7, 2008

i've got to make you understand you've gotta take it like a man

once in a blue moon you'll come across a hidden gem, something spectacular that hasnt yet been dusted off and thrust into the glitzy world of fame. flickr user bebeboudoir's work falls under that category.

her laudable contributions to the supernal fashion illustration realm are comparable to those of liselotte watkins and coco.
keep your eyes open for her work in the future, because this is one diamond that won't be in the rough for long.



thatscharm said...

i like your blog!

Paris said...

Oh my goodness thank you so much!

I just came across your comment on my flickr which led me to your blog and i'm so thrilled to have a little mention! I haven't posted any of my work for a while but after reading your lovely words perhaps i'll upload some recent pieces.

Thank you again! Oh, and I really like your blog, i'm going to have a further read now xx