September 7, 2008

kids in glass houses.

jen brill.

ps - yesterday was a really good day.
the weather was tremendously miserable, but i still went for breakfast at a coffee shop with some pals, danced home in the rain, went thrifting (purchased books, red keds & a blue dior homme button-down), sipped on fair-trade green tea and relished in the perfection of weeds, once again. not to mention, i got a few things done that otherwise would have been left to the last minute.
i suppose that sometimes, even mother nature can't keep saturdays from being the highlight of my week.


claire said...

ahhh thanks for sharing, i have often spotted her on t'internet, but haven't been able to put a name to the face. now i can, and i also have a lovely congregation of photos! thanks, y-s x

Maria said...

Wow, her style is amazing! I've seen her many times but never really noticed her. So yeah, thanks for sharing :D

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