August 15, 2008

i've been tired & uninspired.

i lovelovelove the lookbook for play by c. ronson on personally, i think it's the perfect blend of advertising & beautifying, like an editorial that really sells the goods. more than that, the model's hair is my newfound destiny - i really want that shade !


ps - i want these tights so badly.


Imelda said...

Lovely pictures!
And the tights look amazing!

Hila said...

My hair used to be that shade - its gone darker now for some reason.
Love this editorial!

Mariane M. said...

those tights are so awesome. i love tights that look lacey. the outfit in the 2nd picture is also really nice.

alex hannah said...

ohh i've been looking for tights like
those too!

Rosanna said...

i LOVE that look!!!!