June 17, 2008

california say that you love me.

alice dellal
is spectacular.
as the product of a british millionaire and a brazilian supermodel, she had some pretty big shoes to fill. luckily, she tossed those aside and decided to stomp around in her own doc martens and become her own person.
at first glance, alice doesn't appear to be a typical model or socialite; a punk rock rebel with a penchant for partying would be a more apt description. but she does manage to balance both worlds, as polar opposite as they may be. she does it all nonchalantly: her don't-give-a-fuck attitude is exactly what admirers love about her. with half of her mane buzzed and prickly, and the other side wild and peroxide blonde, dellal is not one to blend in. after all, becoming a faceless hollywood android would be personal sacrilege. she's not only plastered all over the rio and london streets party scene, she's also the face - or rather, body - of the suggestively named 'pussy glamore' lingerie brand, and she was rumored to replace kate moss for agent provocateur. that alone kicks her appeal up a notch or two, wouldn't you agree? burberry, vogue paris, vivienne westwood and house of holland have also snapped her up for their respective ad campaigns, fashion shoots, and runways. a pretty impressive resume for a girl who's not even of legal drinking age in america. naturally, one would assume that living under the harsh luminary limelight would cause some to crack, but not alice. her response to whether she likes the spotlight? "yeah, because when i walk around at night i can see where i'm going, streetlamps not necessary". excellent tongue in cheek, dellal, excellent.
and if all that doesn't make you itch to be in her docs, well, she's also dating a prince ...


Imelda Matt said...

random...I just profiled her sister Charlotte the shoe designer. Money helps when your mad!

Charlotte said...

I do not know her. Is she really shaving her head?! it's kind of Britney freak like?