June 17, 2008

the golden years are under attack.

love her.

i am now craving bleached flares, tstrap wedges, kohl-rimmed peepers, a black cotton bandage skirt and a sheer ankle-length skirt.
once i (finally) get a summer job, i'll indubitably have the ability to purchase said items.
very soon, hopefully.


Imelda said...

Lovely pictures!
Makes me crave everything they wear!

CRISTA said...

Great Olsen pictures!!

a. said...


ashley's always been my fav ;]


Daphné said...

I ADORE the Olsen twins!They are so unique and stylish, I can't get enough of them, especially Ashley that I have always preferred.

Princess.Maria said...

love them !!!

julia said...

oh, sweet darling Ashley!