June 18, 2008

i've got a home in the salty ocean.

guy of the moment:
pierre casiraghi of monaco.

following up on jessica's alice dellal post, here is a little taste of heaven - in the form of pierre casiraghi of monaco. he is, in fact, the prince that was dating alice not too long ago, but sometimes it doesn't surprise me that he has already moved on to a handful of other gamines. there's nothing i wouldn't do to share this kid's lifestyle - hunting trips with the royal family, getaways on private islands, clubbing through the wee hours of the night at swank ski resorts - as the socially gifted royal who rarely spends the night in. let alone his booked calendar, he also has very pleasing taste in clothes and women alike. his dating repertoire holds the likes of caroline weinberg, olympia scarry, beatrice borromeo, fernanda lessa and a fair share of girls who have gone unnamed, while his closet boasts creamy leather loafers, silk ties, structured sportjackets, distressed denim, and quite the array of oversized sunnies.
i can't quite decide if i admire or envy him. i mean he's classy, posh & very voguish, what with his late-morning yacht outings and spiffy dinner parties, but aside from such exclusive events, i haven't seen him do much of anything that is in the least bit constructive. then again, if it were me, i doubt finding a summer job would be my top priority. pierre casiraghi, you really do have all the luck.


Molly :] said...

well found, you've got me drooling at my computer chair. :)

Héloïse J. said...

such a coke addict. i hate those sniffing all day long-having billions-doing nothing faces..

Sister Libby said...

I want. Pierre, that is. Sexxxxay.

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i found him so interesting!

oh, i absolutely adore yor header, it's great!

CoutureCarrie said...

Yum! Love that cuore pic :)

Tinky Minky said...

so so cute!!! I like his style, very interesting!

Eloise said...

Damn... Pierre really grew up! I remember I used to think his brother was fit but here he is all grown up and much better looking. Nicer clothes, too.

That Girl said...

Hes pretty hot ha ha.


ed said...