May 21, 2008

taught me to swim.

i can't believe they even make shirts like this. there i was, innocently roaming, and suddenly, these jump out at me. there is no way to describe how wrong this is - first, why is blair's pink ? and serena's turquoise ? turquoise, really ? also, the shirts wouldn't be half as bad if they didn't have blake & leighton's faces plastered on them. gossip girl was one million times better before the tv show showed up and messed with my mind by giving me the supposed image of serena, blair, nate & dan. i'm sure cecily didn't agree to this.

whatever, i'm on team blair.



Jill said...

I find all "team:______" Tshirts pretty silly. I've laughed at a couple versions, but most are a grand waste of money.

roxanne said...


Ragamala said...

I've always been on team blair. she's great.

a. said...

haha these are mad!

im on team blair too, theres just something about serena (blake) that i dont like, maybe its that she is absolutely nothing like the serena i always pictured in my head... - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

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LBIC said...

I hate those team shirts. they stopped being funny like three years ago at least and I honestly can't believe gg would go there. Blair would not approve.

Margherita. said...

Team Blair! I preferred her in the books, and on the show.

Imelda Matt said...

why must everything be ruined??? Team Blair all the way!