May 21, 2008

living in wonderland like your name was alice.

pierrick lilliu.

hello, gorgeous.
i'm pretty sure he's like europe's equivalent of clay aiken, but he's still 100000 times better looking and exponentially less greasy.

jessica & i have been compiling a list of the coolest boys on the face of the earth. they all have a little je ne sais quoi that sets them apart from the likes of chad michael murray or brad pitt.

so far:
michael cera, ashton kutcher, dane cook, steve carell & john krasinski, pharrel williams, patrick fugit as william miller, nelly, adam brody, hayden christensen, matthew gray gubler, jesse mccartney, ed westwick with his british accent, joseph gordon-levitt, james franco, ryan gosling, macaulay culkin, steven strait, kfed, nathaniel archibald, the carter brothers, eli manning, eric dane and pierrick lilliu.



On Track said...

This guy has such a great sense of style, Ive never seen him before, but he is definitely a new top on my list :D

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

oh such cute boys, yum!

Sister Libby said...

Yay for Ed Westwick!

emma said...

my my what a beautiful boy

Lyndsay said...

He looks like a mix of Ryan Phillipe and Cillian Murphy

discothequechic said...

team ryan gosling!

BUT i have to say, i really can see the brad pitt appeal. and george clooney.

oh dear, maybe it's just older guys..theres something so dreamy and bored maths lessons-ish about compiling lists of nice guys, don't you think.

ahh, nostalgia.