April 14, 2008

taking me in increments.

so i'm sitting on my chair, quietly eating miniwheats.
as per usual, i'm reading blogs, and incessantly checking if anything is new at american apparel.
i've got my eye on another double u neck dress and the new sheer tights that i'm awaiting with baited breath.
but while i'm click-click-clicking away, this tshirt in the 'new styles' section catches my eye:
a mesh tshirt.
a mesh tshirt.
you can layer them to alter the colours, or wear them alone;
but for thirty-three dollars, i'll only be getting one.
oh, i definitely am going to buy this, along with the double u neck dress.
that is, once i decide on a colour.
black, fluorescent pink, frost blue, pop purple ?!
i'm leaning towards the black.
now to choose the colour of the dress ...

1 comment:

because im addicted said...

ohh very cool. ya, i think black would be a good choice!