April 14, 2008

cosy in the rocket.

i took my bicycle out today. it was quite the endeavor (hiking into the depths of my backyard, finding the key to my shed, rumaging for my bike & extracting it from the narrow space) but it was completely worth it. i plugged my ipod into my ears (i even have a bicycle riding playlist) and let the open road guide me - straight to our local paved tennis court.

once there, i parked my pride & joy, slipped off my hoodie and lay on the concrete ground. it was mid-afternoon, and the sun was at its peak - there hasn't been a nicer day since spring's begining, no doubt.

bicycle playlist;

amy winehouse ft. mark ronson - valerie;
jack johnson - taylor;
css - patins;
arctic monkeys - dancing shoes;
seal - amazing;
basement jaxxx - where's your head at;
belle and sebastian - the fox in the snow;
the bird and the bee - la la la;
the brunettes - her hairagami set;
carla bruni - quelqu'un m'a dit;
elton john - tiny dancer;
feist - sea lion woman;
good shoes - morden.


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