April 14, 2008

wake up, shake it up.

summer is undisputedly the season where makeup is of lesser importance: it's not a novelty to witness free-spirited girls sporting scraggly locks and a squeeky-clean visage during that time of year. however, a lancome case-full (or should i saw ziploc bag-full, ever since my four-year-old brother decided my makeup bag was a necessity for lugging around his crayola paraphernalia) of basics would probably still go to good use in a season where the hippie-chick look is much more valued than the glamour-puss.

nars eyeshadow for night, crest whitestrips, bright pink blush for rosy cheeks, a light fragrance like vera wang's princess, an angled brush, all-over shimmer and sephora's strass monoshadows for experimenting.

simple & efficient is key. after all, wouldn't you rather save valuable time for cannon balls & picnics rather than waste it in front of the mirror ?



rosie. said...

lady who's name evades you: Barbara Martelo, she's a stylist.

thanks for the comments, theyre very much appreciated. by the way, i've linked you back on my blog, under favorites :)

Margherita. said...

Thats the new floral version of Princess, I really wanted to test it, but couldn't find anything but the old one this weekend at Sephora.

Elisabeth said...

Some serious handbag essentials there!

discothequechic said...


i'm soso excited about summer!
and this has just raised the excited rating to about..an 11?


and a walking dictionary? how cool!i hope you have suitable nerdy glasses to match!

Juliet said...


juliet xxx