April 20, 2008

still a little bit of your taste in my mouth, still a little bit of you laced with my doubt.

'effortless' is a word that has been thrown around quite a bit recently. we've become accustomed to it being used to describe the style of french fashion editors, off duty models, the sisters olsen, etc.
but skyscraper heels and second skin leather jackets? it might not take as much thought to put together, but i wouldn't go so far as to call it comfortable.

so, what about pajamas ?
thin, lightweight, and roomy, pajamas are the perfect evening alternative to a restricting dress. their sinuous shape allow the wearer to float around easily, erasing any feelings of constraint, and inducing a sort of sexy slumber party air, if you will.

make no mistake, these aren't cartoon kitten emblazoned flannel pj's, nor are they the footies of your youth. these pajamas are relaxed and gorgeous, and will in no way put you to sleep.

stella mccartney, the queen of casual, sent flowing sleepwear inspired pieces down the runway ideal for spring 2008. pieces that set the mood for spring: fluid, languorous, and infinitely beautiful.
sometimes dreams really do come true.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

The middle one is nice but I'm not sure about the whole head to toe print look!

Secretista said...

Back in the day I might wear paamas in public, but not anymore. This gives me motivation to dress fabulous even when I sleep.

Fleurr De Lux said...

lovely! you write so well.

Romany said...

I think the Stella on the left but in the colour of the Stella on the right, and vice versa, would be the perfect combo.
I don't particularly like Agyness, but I can't deny she's got great legs!

the iron chic said...

It looks a little too casual to me but I would wear it to bed. Being too comfortable reminds me of the whole Juicy-sweatsuits-in-public era. That was a horrible time in our history. Horrible.