April 21, 2008

underneath the sheets of paper.

my computer just recently broke down, and so i'll be relying solely on my father's old laptop for internet connection for the next couple of days. for that reason, i feared many of my posts - if any - would have to go without the wonderful splendor of colourful pixels, aka pictures.

however, that was false. and so, i can now post just as regularly as before (although it must be said that my posts aren't really on a regular basis to begin with). the first one being ...

no, not now.

later !

yes, i know, i have no excuse, except for the fact that procrastination is in my blood. besides, it's beautiful outside, and so i don't really intend on spending the evening logged on to the computer. i'm going for a promenade in town, maybe getting some ice cream along the way. i know, right, it sounds like it's already summer. but i still have a whole lot of work (homework, finals, you know the drill) to do before i can veritably bask in the upcoming season.


ps: the laptop i'm using won't allow me to put the two dots on my e. shame on you, toshiba, shame.

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