April 18, 2008

american woman, stay away from me.

the weather stays beautiful, it's a shame i'll be cooped up inside all weekend for an indoor soccer tournament; and i also won't be able to post until sunday afternoon.
have a good weekend,


KiKi said...

its beatiful here too have a good time at the tornament

Jello on Springs said...

good luck on your tournament!

The Clothes Horse said...

Indoor soccer--fun, even if you miss the good weather. It will be good again.

Heather said...

beautiful flowers!

rosie. said...


i can't even begin to tell you how much your comment meant to me. it's kind people like you that allow me to continue on with more inspiration than before. thank you so much :) :)

xox, rosie

Jill said...

Wonderful pictures, so glad that it is warm.