April 27, 2008

sing dance floss travel.

i'm liking this.

not necessarely taking a jab at anya's "i'm not a paper bag" concept, these new "i am not a paper cup..." cups - white porcelain with a silicone lid - are simple and i must say quite attractive. i don't know if i'd think to pick up this cup every time i plan on buying coffee though. still, it has potential.

in other news, i went to rideau today & purchases a black tulip-shaped talula skirt. you can expect pictures as soon as i install my camera program on the new computer.

and lastly: t-minus 90 days until cali.



molly said...

haha very cute! are you supposed to bring it into starbucks every morning though?

dreamecho said...

i love the simplicity of it!

LBIC said...

It's cute and I'd totally buy it, but I'd leave it at home all the time and never use it in the end. Oh, and I'll probably have lost the lid within a month of getting it.

But I agree with dreamecho, I love the simplicity.